N1% not shown of Dash 8 throttle.

Shouldn’t N1% be displayed on the throttle? It still appears on jet aircrafts.

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It doesn’t appear on any of the props so maybe it’s not meant to have it.

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I believe this is because only jet aircraft have N1. Look at C208 or SR22, they are prop aircraft like the Q400 and they don’t have N1 either. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that is the reason why??


I think to remember the Spitfire having it.

The spit is special.


On the pre-update game they had it. Though I didn’t use them too much.

Your point there is?

“N1 is only for jet engine aircraft.” Dash is not one so no N1.


The dash like any prop has rpm not n1 so it is meant for there to be no n1

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The Dash is a turbo prop so it technically is a jet engine.

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It does not have a fan engine with combustion does it so it’s not a jet engine


@Deltapilot is correct, there is no such thing as N1 on props, nor is it a jet engine.

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Yea actually it does that’s what a turbo prop is a turbine engine with a prop on it that runs on jet fuel if that’s not a jet idk what is.


Just about everything today is a high bypass turbofan, but like Brandon was eluding to, turboprops are very similar. They are both turbines. The big difference is that turbofans have a driveshaft that turns a bypass fan, turboprops have a driveshaft that goes into a gearbox. With turboprops, the propeller spins at a constant rate. Adjusting the pitch of the blades gives you thrust.

You will probably get a better answer with a Google search on the two types… A detailed answer would require a longer novel.

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N1 is the intake speed (or compressor) of a jet engine. N2 is the thrust speed of the turbine. With a turbo prop strictly speaking the propellor is providing the thrust of the airplane and the shaft from the combustion chamber is connected via a gearbox. There is no measured N1 since the propellor is providing the thrust and not the jet portion (nozzle).


Max Sez: I’m continually amazed by the lack of research & technical knowledge put forth by the Peanuts on this aviation Forum. Come on fellows open a book or search the web! The free faa.gov pub “The Pilots Handbook”
or the “Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” has all the answers! Do your ground school homework! You to can fly with the IF Eagles and not appear as a duffus if you master the basics.


Not everyone is a pilot.


@Sturmovik… Max Sez: Right Stormy not everyone is a Pilot but most went to school and know how to read. By the was the Spit’s Merlin is supercharged and does not have an N gage. Aircraft Turbines were on the drawing board in the late 30’s by the Germens. The Spit was just starting 1st phase development.


N1 not installed on Dash 8, couldn’t duplicate issue

Why is there no N8 on the Dash? Isn’t it a Dash 8?