N1 in real life

A question from me.
On a normal day would a pilot stay at or below 100%N1 or 91%N1 as I have seen in some of the infinite flight tutorials.


Are you asking about N1 % during takeoff?

If so, pilots very rarely use 100% N1 as it wears the engine out much quicker (hence more repair costs for the company). 91% N1 seems normal, if the aircraft is pretty heavy but has a long runway. However, it’s not unusual to see aircraft takeoff with less than 85% N1.

It all comes down to factors such as how long the runway is, how heavy the aircraft is, at what elevation the airport is at etc…


It depends on load and weather, sometimes if there’s a risk of windshear they’ll use full power during takoff

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And what @Maxim mentioned

Ok thanks @Maxim and @TimShan05 I am trying to be realistic with takeoff power but then I find with 91%N1 sometimes it isn’t enough

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But usually there’s no windshear in if so you don’t really need to worry about it

And also it depends what aircraft like for the c130 and light aircraft you usually need a bit more power but usually on commercial planes 90% n1 should be enough to get you up in the air

On thanks for your help

According to the Xplane 11 I notice the Boeing planes always use more than 91% almost full power… Unlike the Airbus normally max 89% then Climb thrust will be 83-85%


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