N1% for Takeoff

I know this probably doesn’t go in support so feel free to move this topic. What N1% is good for takeoff? Is it 95% for every aircraft?

-Trey Weger

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Hello @Trey_Weger! Take a look at this topic:


This would belong in #live.

Personally, I do 70-85% N1 when I’m light depending on the runway length. Long hauls I use 90-95%.

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85-95%, for really heavy heavies maybe 98% max. Never over 100% N1

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It’s okay to exceed 100% for short amounts of time :)

ion know bruh

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Thank you very much!

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Can I ask why this would belong in #live and not #general?

Because it has something to do with the game itself.

This topic was already asked by a different person in a different time, the last one was in #live

It’s not a duplicate. It’s someone asking a question.

That’s what I meant, sometimes English makes what you say not match what you mean ;)

80-100%. Don’t go over this (in the orange range)

I also think it depends on runway length and weight of aircraft… for example… At Innsbruck airport runway 08/26 is short for a320 and 737 to take off at 85% throttle… so they use full power take off there and after having positive rate they reduce it to normal levels…

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