Mystery violations following offline period

This morning I was flying around North Island, near San Diego and my tablet lost internet connection. When it picked it back up, I suddenly had seven violations. When I was once again live, I was in an active airspace but only momentarily. Anybody know what happened?

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I think you should change the title as it could be misunderstood, btw also change this topic to support.


HI James,

can I suggest that you send a screen shot of your stats? Unfortantly it is hard to know what happened to you whilst you where ‘off-line’, though I thought your aircraft also disappeared so would have been hard to pick up a ghosting or violations.


My iPhone froze while playing online the other week and I too came back to 7 violations with no clue what happened.

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I was on an iPad, maybe it’s an iOS thing

Well this is odd, this morning it said all seven were today. Now it doesn’t. Wish I could get more details.

Looks like you still have 7 outstanding, sorry I can’t help you work out why, but hopefully only a few days before you are back up again

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