Mystery Region???


So I was about to fly on advanced, when I noticed this:

I noticed it says 1 person is in an unknown region! Like with the A320 beta testers, will the sim say unknown when a tester is flying in an upcoming region? (Move to appropriate category if necessary please)


That’s the inter-region flight that’s not currently supported.


What is your source?




@jreilly2311 is correct, it is someone who has disobeyed the rules, and has performed an “out of boundary” flight.


I thought he meant an upcoming feature :P


I’d be very surprised if it was.


Alright then, i guess this can be closed.


@MishaCamp @carmalonso @DIsraelFDS @Aernout

Close this as it is no longer required.


If only it was a new region


Topic has been discussed many times before. Thanks