Mystery Models

Does anyone have any info on these models? One I think says Herpa, but the logo is so far gone it’s hard to tell. Also if you know the scale it would help

Sorry for the fact they’re destroyed, they’re my friends and play with them. A lot.

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Could you please do some close up pictures of each aircraft. :)


Thank You! Now we can try to help you figure this out. These look like no model airplanes I have seen before…interesting. :)


I know, they’re like the perfect size for me to have a large collection. But I’ve never seen them before


These toy planes look like matchbox toy planes I had when I was kid which was before Matchbox started churning out fake imaginative toy planes.


I know what you’re talking about, but these are much smaller. Here a photo comparing the two


I think they are too small to be GeminiJets, Herpa, Matchbox, or Phoenix. :)

After looking harder, one says Herpa

Is it the KLM plane, because that is the only one I thought could be a herpa model. :)

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Yes, it is the KLM aircraft

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Wow I didn’t know model planes could get that small, matchbox just dwarfs herpa.

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These are Daron planes die cast :)

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Do you know the scale?

Can I see the front wheel for the planes?

Welp, they’re all broken off, but the 74 has its rear wheels

Sorry for the fuzziness, phone wouldn’t focus

The KLM one is a 727-200 from what I can see.

I know the third one is a 747

The KLM I think is a 76

I meant the nose wheel.