Mystery Aircraft Tracking Thread

So we do have another aircraft coming to Infinite Flight, and I’d like all pictures of the aircraft to be placed in this thread, so we can come to a conclusion of what the mystery aircraft is. Once it is confirmed, I will rename the topic to “aircraft Tracking Thread”, and all new liveries will be tracked there. I’ll make this a wiki for people to edit once the aircraft is confirmed!

Wing view of the Mystery Aircraft. So it is a prop. :)


No offence but the only reason you created this was to be the one that made the tracking thread.

You have the right to make this; I have the right to call you out on it.


I mean, there is no tracking thread for the mystery aircraft currently, so somebody was gonna do it eventually. It wasn’t really about being first, but more for the purpose of speculating and tracking. :)

Eh, still I would say it didn’t need to be made until it was 100% confirmed.

See ya, muting this just like all tracking threads.

That’s not that far off a C-130.

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Does this not sort of count as a tracking thread?

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Ehhh, kind of. It’s not fitted with the purpose of a tracking thread but can be converted into one. If we use that then that’ll be fine.

By the way, we haven’t officially confirmed that it’s a C-130.