Mysterious overnight crash

My apologies if this is a duplicate, but i could not find it. Also, I don’t have any screenshots sadly. So, I was flying the Air France 767-300ER from LFPG to KLAX. I had IF and IF Assistant running on my phone, which runs IF well. I checked that my flight reached cruising altitude of FL380. I set my alarm for 8 hours from now. I had 10 hours to go and 13 hours of fuel. Everything was going well. Then, I wake up and I see a crash screen. The screen showed the plane in a severe bank angle in the ocean and said that my total flight time was 3 hours!!! What on Earth happened. This was definitely a stall as I had no violations and the plane was in a severe bank angle. How though!?!?!?!

I know you why you crashed it was because you were too heavy. You need to start climb

Bear in mind the 767 is a very old model in Infinite Flight and is very susceptible to weather.

But it shouldn’t be knocked out if the sky with auto pilot on from FL380. Bear in mind, I already reached cruising altitude, had no trouble getting there, and was below MTOW.

You were still to heavy Fl38 at the beginning of a long flight is way so heavy`

I’ve also flown this route before with the same aircraft and had no trouble, so what happened this time?

Try step climbing next time. That might help you be lighter for your next flight.


How did you add that form to your message?

FYI - #support is for technical issues with the app. Having your plane fall out of the sky when not watching is not a technical issue ;)