Mysterious level 1 violation

Hey Infinite Flight team,

There I am flying from BIKF to KFLL without incident and when I successfully landed and exited the flight I got 2 level 1 violations. Reason - over speed inflight.

Usually for long hauls I leave my device untouched and I always double check my parameters before walking away from my device.

Wasn’t sure if the winds in route changed so drastically that this happened or what actually caused it. I got no red banner warning to indicate there was a problem.

I know level 1 violations cannot be removed but has this ever happened to anyone where you thought things went well and your saw a violation posted that left you confused?



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The point of this topic?

Watch the replay, the timeline should mark where the violations occurred

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Ok never mind

Was looking for similar occurrences

Thank you!

If you believe it’s a glitch, message us at Appeals.

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It’s a genuine question. One doesn’t need to be condescending

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Interesting indeed! Quite curious how and why u got those violations… Best bet for now is to message appeals, like toaster said.

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If you believe this violation was an issue with the system, please contact @appeals. Hope this helps!

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Does it need to be mentioned twice? Mysterious level 1 violation - #8 by ToasterStroodie

Ok so I think this could be for 2 reasons. Often as you are flying long distances the speed changes and goes down potentialy that could be do to tailwind depending on your route. BUT you are flying westbound over the atlantic so this may be a glitch as long as you were not hitting the speedlimit or your route had a heavy tailwind.

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