Mysterious crash & multiple violations?

I have an ipad pro 10.5 with infinite flight working properly and had IF assistant and Infinite Pax working alongside and was a level 4 prior this incident.
(Sorry in advance for the long post but I take my flight simming seriously).
I also read through various posts to see if I my situation had happened to others but from what I can tell… some were close but not the same impact on violations. I beleive this forum is the correct one to post my inquiry but if not, I aplogize.

The situation: On the expert server I planned a long haul flt from SBGL to KJFK. For the record, I have done long haul/overnite flights (while sleeping) with no issues.
I took about abt 30-40 mins for flight planning including proper fuel (just over 89750kgs) and inputed all waypoints. I was flying the Latam B789.
I took off from SBGL and monitored my flight up to cruise altitude. I left my « station » to watch an hour of tv before going to bed. Upon checking on the flight before heading up to bed, I see that I crashed had and an error message abt « not being allowed on this server because of violations » etc, etc, and now I am a level 2!

How did this happened I do not know…I checked my log, and it showed I flew for 40 mins and that I flew from SBGL to SWWT? This is probably where I crashed or close thereto. I don’t recall this small airport used as a waypoint (I was inputing wpts off the screen of my other device), but very possibly it was used.
The kicker is, I raked up 3 max 1 day violations and 3 max 7 days violations, and now I am a level 2!?
I can understand that if I made mistakes inputing the wrong fuel amt and the plane simply went into a dive and crashed and I raked up several max 250kts under 10000 feet violations, but that many? Perhaps if I was not following ATC commands, this could be a another of way of accumulating so many violations, but no ATC was visible in the area at the time.

So my questions are:
Is there a plausible explanation for so many violations on a crash? Or was I sabotaged?
Am I in the penalty box for over 3 weeks now with all these violations?
Can any of this be reversed or reduced?

I am not a perfect « pilot » and I have received many violations over the years due to stupid mistakes but it seems a little much in this case, let alone I can’t figure out were I went wrong.

Appreciate help, comments, suggestions


I guess it is highly likely that you got multiple overspeed violations in this case. The other case might be due to an error of throttle cut (due to usage on more than 2 devices) which would make your plane stalled and crashed

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The same generic advise goes that you shouldn’t leave your flight unattended. You run the risks of unexpected incidents like these and you should be responsible for it.
”No real world pilot leaves the controls unattended at any time”

However, since many people do it now that global is out, I would recommend you check with a moderator. Optimistically, they can provide you with the reason for violations.

Not much we can do now but if this is really a case of the app working up, you should put this under #support for devs to fix.

TL;DR Cant help if mods cant :/


Have a look here below. It’s hard to say exactly what happened but and it is going to be difficult for you to say that it might have been a glitch or something of that sort.