Mysterious birds at local airport // @ EHEH

I’m happy with these! The RNLAF C-130 was definitely the most notable today.

RNLAF C-130 just flying around the entirety of The Netherlands and doing patternwork at airbases

HA-LWQ coming from Tuzla

A Transavia 737 from Amsterdam (repositioning flight)

Last, but not least, SP-RKY from somewhere in Poland I think

While taking photos, an old man cycled past me and gave me a thumbs up with a huuge smile on his face. That made my day. He was probably glad to see gen Z being outside voluntarily


Nice Shots!


Noice pics 👌



Absolutely beautiful

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amazing pictures

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Who are you? Go post something yourself


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The mysterious birds when they succeed at confusing avgeeks :

idk, never seen you before as well (on ultra god)

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It would be very cool if you post some of your photos as well

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Maybe, Maybe not…(i am active i swear)

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Love the military action shots

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