Mysterious Apron Markings at KVCV

I was messing around on solo with a friend when we came across some apron markings towards the north of the airport, they seem to indicate aircraft from a birds eye view, couldn’t find a duplicate of this topic so just decided to post this in case others didn’t know and maybe find out why they are there.

Edit 1: Couldn’t post a picture for some reason and did some research as well and found out that KVCV (Southern California Logistics Airport) is a aircraft graveyard and that perhaps the Devs put those markings as to where the aircraft would park, which is pretty cool.


KVCV is Victorville, and it’s an aircraft boneyard.
Here is a nice website about it


It’s fixed in the airport repository.
These will be gone with the next airport layout update.

Thanks! interesting and sad at the same time

Oh, it looks pretty cool and didn’t expect the Devs to actually put it in but anyway, if it goes it goes :)

Developers don’t edit airports, the airport editing team, a group of third-party contributors do.

Also, the reason for them being removed is that those markings aren’t there in real life, so we don’t edit unnecessary, big amounts of nodes that can slow down performance into an airport.

Doesn’t that make them Devs then as they develop the game, albeit unofficial? Anyway thanks!

We do not really literally develop things, we just take ugly X-Plane airport files and do intense cosmetic surgeries to them.

Whatever, too petty and off-topic… 👀


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