Mysterious aircraft on IF spotted?

Hi guys, I spotted @MishaCamp flying a mysterious aircraft. How come this UFO is not available to everyone else on infinite flight? Is there a secret way of getting it?

Thank you (please change the topic if this topic is not correct)

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It’s actually a reworked 777 in beta testing.

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Wait really, then why does it look like a UFO? @DiamondGaming4

It’s a live flight thing. Nothing to fret about 🤷🏼‍♂️

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How do you know?

Oh ok, I thought It would be cool to spot if it existed in the game, anyways i am waiting for it to land so I can see it

I got it too😂😂😂

To my knowledge it has not yet been announced that it is in Beta.


Yeah who knows, maybe its full of Aliens? @AlphaSeven lol

Sorry, it’s most likely a 777. As of now I’m not aware of any other aircraft that are being worked on (or maybe there are… it’s 2am so my mind is pretty useless rn).


Where is it and what server (maybe escort it?)

We all should spawn at UUEE and watch it land lmao

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Unwanted escort of a staff will lead to a ghost most likely so keep that in mind

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It’s an aircraft that LiveFlight for some reason doesn’t display properly. Move along people :)