Myself and a Cessna 414

Hi community, Last week my A&P mentor and friends asked me if I wanted to help treat and remove the coating that belongs on the Cessna 414 de-ice boots. Of course I said yes just to do something with airplanes and to learn something new. He said it’s a 2 day process and the process I’m doing right now is a 7-8 hour process plus another day to do treatment. Below is some pictures of the process and what I’m doing to treat the boots


Cool - those are some high quality photos there.

Totally jealous of you there though. :)


Thanks! Glad you liked the photos


Erm I have one BIG MASSIVE concern

Why is there some green tape on the wings

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That’s on purpose. That’s so we wouldn’t get anything on the wing surfaces. It’s an outline

Nice photos, I really like how good they are!


Thank you! I appreciate that

Just checked on flight radar at the registration and it’s a 40 year old plane… looks pretty good for a 40 yr old

I know the owner and he keeps it in great shape. He only wants the best

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Very nice. I had the chance of doing this at work with our company’s aircraft. cleaned , waxed, and dried the PA 28 and PIVI all in 3 hours. Then , it rained insert sad face here.

I’ll redo it Sunday lol

But hey, I get free flying out of it with my colleague pilots. I love it!!!

Finished the project this afternoon. Can anyone tell the difference?


Nice plane, nice photos, Nice way to make someone triggered who’s not present

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