Myrtle Avenue Spotting | London Heathrow 15/06/19

Hello Community!

On the 15th of June, Infinite Flight held a meetup at London Heathrow Airport. Lots of people from all over Europe gathered together to do some spotting and have a chat with other member and the staff. I flew into Heathrow on the Saturday morning from Basel, Switzerland (LFSB) and flew back in the evening.
After we had landed, @Marc, @Chris_Wing and I had breakfast in T2 whilst waiting for the event to start. After waiting for a long two hours Chris and I hopped on the Underground to Hatton Cross and walked to Myrtle Avenue, Marc came a few minutes after us.
Anyway, here are some of my best pictures from that day.

First up is a SWISS A220-100 from Zürich.

Next is the Queen of the skies. This was on my list of aircraft to spot. She’s so beautiful.

Air Astana, an airline I’ve never heard of. I knew I had to get a good picture of this as Boeing 757s are very rare in Switzerland.

This was my first time seeing a Virgin Atlantic A330! It looks majestic with its big wings and tilted gear.

After BA phased out their 767s, its successor, the A321neo, is becoming a common sight in the skies over Europe.

Here comes the whale 🐋
There were loads of A380s at Heathrow on the day.

Another whale 🐋
Instead of an A350, Qatar put an A380 on this flight to Heathrow on that day.

This was the only Virgin Dreamliner I saw in the air on that day. I saw a lot of Dreamliners on the ground due to the issues with the Rolls Royce engines.


This is one of the 747s British Airways painted to celebrate their 100th anniversary. I saw the “BOAC” and “Negus” liveries whilst taxiing to our gate at T5.

Thank you for viewing my post! Please give me some feedback on what I can improve on my pictures.


These are really great pictures! Really love the last two.


Very nice photos

It’s Kazakhstan’s national airline based in Almaty