Myrtle Avenue Meet-Up (BAVA with Misha and Cam!)

Saturday 28th July was not just any spotting day, it was a chance to do a British Airways VA meet-up, and we were joined by a couple of guests @MishaCamp and @Cameron ! It was great to spend the afternoon with them and do some spotting alongside @Matt_1 at arguably the best spotting location in the world, Myrtle Avenue! Here’s some pictures from the day.
Avianca (B787) from Bogota

British Airways Golden Dove (From the London 2012 Olympics)

Kenya Airways (B787) from Nairobi

Qatar Cargo (A330) from Doha

British Airways (B747 One World) from Phoenix

SAS (A320 Neo) from Oslo

Malaysian Airlines (A350) from Kuala Lumpur

Virgin Atlantic (B787) from Los Angeles

Air Astana (B757) from Astana

And last but not least, our amazing staff Cameron and Misha (“Smile Misha gosh”)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Plus a big thanks to Misha and Cam for joining us!


Nice photos! Just a reminder you have to limit the spotting to 10 photos.

Oh I didn’t know that, will edit now

Edited it now so should only be 10

Really nice photos. My recommendation is to use spot metering so then your subject (the aircraft) is always properly lit. Editing should correct this but the less editing you have to do the better!.

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Great shots! Tell @Cameron since he makes so much he can buy me a plane ticket to go spot with you guys in the future. 😂


I’m not very techy with editing software, I just cropped these photos to make them fit the background better, but thanks for the tip!

Nice shots that was pretty cool get to spot and have a meet up hope you enjoyed :)

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Next time give some notice 😂

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We did though 🤔 you just happened to be on holiday 😂

Damn who’s that hot guy in the funky shirt and sunglasses


His name is Cameron.


I’ll PM you my number 😍


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