Mynn new runway changes

Mynn runway markings runway 28 is the west runway and runway 10 is the East runway ok

Sorry, could you please elaborate?


Nassau international airport runway changes

That doesn’t really explain what your topic is about?


I think you are saying that the runway numbers were re-designated? Cork airport in Ireland also had its runway 17-35 changed to 16-34 to align with the Earth’s moving magnetic poles. Although this has not appeared in IF yet though.

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When someone in the airport editing team finds the time, they’ll edit this in. It might take a while as the small team is already quite bombarded with all the gate restrictions issues in the new update.

If you look on the satellite imagery it shows this this runway as 09 and 27. I believe that’s what the OP is referencing. I’m sure the IFAET will get around to this eventually but for now it doesn’t really affect gameplay.

Once i managed to decipher the original post I’ll probably fix that


Hello @Cole_Carey,

Thank you for letting us know about the runway changes at MYNN. As the last person who worked on the airport, I’ve made the changes, and they’re being pushed to the database. Hopefully the new numbers will be available in the next scenery push.

Fixes for this will be pushed to the database in a few minutes. Thanks for raising this issue!

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This was a doozy 🙃