Myflightradar24 for my flights on IF

Been doing this for about 2 years now. These are my results… guess where I’m from

(Distances are in miles)


That’s mighty impressive!

you need to fly more in Australia!

What app or website is that?

hobart island, alice springs, and darwin are all coming up in the plan soon

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Ok thanks.

Nice to see somebody else from Mongolia 👍

That is a lot of flying. I got my own flightradar24 map for IF but it doesn’t look like yours🥲

I’m on the fence between Mongolia and Zambia

Might as well share my own, why not

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It’s nice to see that other people use MyFlightradar24 too

I made a topic a while ago for anyone to post their maps/screenshots from their maps so feel free to do so there!

Impressive. Really hoping to expand more into Africa and East Asia within the next year like you have!

Now that I know about this part of FR24, which i use all the time to get details of IRL flights to stimulate, I’ll have to go back through my logbook and plot all the flights that lasted more than 3 minutes… Lol

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