Hey all! Lots of Trip Reports have been going up recently and I have a few on backlog that just haven’t been written yet. So here we go for my trip from North Eleuthera to Atlanta.

Check In and airport experience:

MYEH isn’t the best airport I’ve ever been to. It serves the Bahamian Islands of Eleuthera and Harbor Island. Despite its small 6,000 foot runway it handles the CRJ 900 as its biggest aircraft. Let’s just say the airport isn’t very big:

(Credit to Wikipedia)

Passengers are checked in but then told to go outside and “hangout” before going through security. There are 2 small shops across the road to get some food. Approximately 30 minutes before the incoming plane Lands, you are told to go through the security. It’s a single metal detector and a single X-ray. It takes awhile but it’s ok, I love this place. Once you go through security they check your passports and you are airside. You watch GA planes land, a Pineapple Air plane lands, a Silver Airlines, an American Airlines, and then finally your CRJ 900. First you see it landing and then your like: where did it go? And then you see it zooming past at 100 Knots. Full reverse and hot on the brakes. That thing is loud! You then watch the passengers disembark and walk to the small Passport Control area before a small fuel truck comes out and starts fueling up the CRJ

On Board:

This airport runs on Island time, the pilots, not so much. You walk up through the steps and I sit down in my seat. At this point the Ramp is very crowded, GA Planes are squeezing in between passenger planes and it’s quite tight:

After boarding is complete the door is closed and we have to wait until the Silver ATR to our Left Departs. Once that guy is out of the way we make our way to the runway which is very close. We then back taxi all the way down and you then hear the engines screaming behind you and the brakes are let go and you zoom forward. This is the Third time for me flying on this flight. We use probably 90% of the runway before rotating and quickly and steeply climbing above Harbor Island:

Once we reach our cruise a sneak service is provided. Unfortunately there weren’t any Biscoff. I got Cheezits, instead.

Before long we start our descent into Cloudy Atlanta. It’s a Bittersweet end to a great vacation.

Overall: Overall this was a fantastic flight, zero issues whatsoever. It’s definitely a great experience flying into MYEH. I hope you enjoyed this review! Next up will be a poll. I’ll let you guys decide what’s next. For more trips from this series please check the links down below. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to film on the flight from KATL to LGA

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Awesome trip report. Always fun to read these!

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Awesome. Definitely do more!

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Great trip report, please do more :)

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Nice trip report

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Great trip report. Great to see small airports being represented

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Is that a KATL I see 👀

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