MyCargo Airlines B744BDSF

ACT Airlines, operating as MyCargo Airlines, is a Turkish cargo airline,
In 2011 China’s HNA Group (owners of Hainan Airlines and various subsidiaries)

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This company might make profit since it is located in turkey

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excecttly but operated owner Hainan Airlines its in Istanbul location :-)

Never heard of them before, thanks!


:-) it give of this world every new things. :-) 🙃🙃

This looks awesome! I would love to see more cargo 747s.

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Now I know why so many Chinese airlines have the same livery as Hainan Airlines, because they’re owned by the same group. I was confused by that for a while lol.

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😁😁 yeah China is also 2nd largest country of Asia 😄 @Kyle_Gabriel_Pelegri

I hope we will get see more 747s Nation… 😁😉😍😍

The Hainan Airlines 787 will need a big buddy. The planes get lonely without a flying companion! 😉🙃

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You right, 💪🏼👍🏼 hope there come next updates close together… 🤓😁

There is more of a chance of it being added since the Atlas Air 747 is confirmed for the next update! 😄

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yes, i have see it last 2 weeks ago, but I have see at aero telgraph Boeing thinks about the end of the 747 to… 😳