Myanmar National Airlines Boeing 737-800 Livery

I know there is already one, but that was a more “wow i like this” kinda post. This is the real request.

I would like the Myanmar National Arlines livery added to Infinite Flight on the 737-800. We have approximately 0 Burmese liveries, and I would like more ethnic and regional diversity here. Here is the livery of the MNA plane. Registration XY-ALB

If this gets added in, also add in the Callsign. The callsign is UnionAir.

Why did you bump the older request and make a new one? Flagging the older request would’ve sufficed ;)

Because @pilot0674 didn’t want to follow instructions. Fortunately, I’ve provided him the instructions pasted from the category guidelines. His future topics will be closed if he can’t follow the simple rules. 🙂


Nice livery, i’m out of votes but would still like to see this one day