Myanmar Airways International Embraer 190

Myanmar Airways International ERJ-190LR Feature Request

So when hearing about the recent news about confirmation of the E190 being reworked soon, I had a look on the IFC to see where I could possibly leave a vote or two to support some underrated liveries. To my surprise, there was not yet a feature request for the Myanmar Airways International E190 - which is why I decided to make the request.

Myanmar Airways International is a privately owned Burmese airline based in Yangon International with a secondary hub in Mandalay. The airline serves various destinations in Asia including India, China, Thailand, Singapore and Bangladesh. The 3 E190 aircraft currently in the fleet mainly operate services within Burma and surrounding Asian nations - making this livery perfect to add since it would bring representation to an often neglected area.

Here’s some more Info about Myanmar Airways International:

To start this request off, today I did a route operated by Myanmar Airways International (Mandalay - Myitkyinā - Putao). Myanmar has some truly stunning scenery and it would be even better to do these routes with a beautiful livery like this one here!


Beautiful livery which has my vote. Shame it probably won’t be added as African liveries are pretty much always looked over…


Out of votes but supporting this since currently there is no livery in IF representing Myanmar.

The addition of MAI would unlock lots of short to medium haul flights across Central and Southeast Asia, as well as many flights into Southern and Eastern China.


With the recent sneak peak of the upcoming E Jet rework we saw on the IF Staff Stream, I think it is good timing for a subtle ‘bump’ of this request.

I truly believe that this is the perfect opportunity to get Myanmar the representation it deserves within IF through this livery, so please do consider voting.


Having visited Myanmar, I would definitely love to see an airline from over there featured in the sim. The aviation industry over there is amazing with lots of start-up airlines. There’s also loads of really small regional airports full of regional aircraft. Last but not least, it’s one of the most beatiful countries in the world. Liveries like this one give us a reason to explore countries like Myanmar.

I don’t have a spare vote but definitely support this!

Credit: francaisaletranger


Bumping this! Chimed in a vote. Yes, another post-announcement bump.

Like I mentioned before, this livery would unlock lots of short to medium haul flights across Central, Southeast Asia, Southern and Eastern China. MAI is one of the key members of Asia’s Embraer’s Pool Program.

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Nice to hear since the other one, which is the new livery then, looks better

No, there are not.

Myanmar Airways International (this request) is a completely separate airline to the state-owned Myanmar National Airlines, and whilst both do operate the Embraer 190, this request is not a duplicate.

Actually MAI’s E190 all came with this new livery.

Just searched up and I was wrong, thanks for correcting me there.

Giving this a bump!


Really hope to see this livery in IF, as of now they are the only current E190 operator in Myanmar.