MYAM completely destroyed by Dorian

A damage survey flight flew over Marsh Harbor Internation Airport earlier this afternoon. Video from the flight shows that all but the airports Terminal is catestrophically destroyed. The entire field is presently under an estimated 3 feet of water. The lose of the airfield and the only other airfield, Treasure Cay International Airport, has left Abaco Island completely unaccessible to fixed wing operation and possibly rotary flights as well.


What about Grand Bahama Intl?

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@MapleAir221, Grand Bahama airport I believe is on another island.

It’s just so sad to see these sights, looking at the destruction on TV. The destruction is so bad, not just the airport, houses and businesses have been obliterated, I just hope people in the Bahamas can recover and rebuild, I wish them the best.


As @Butter_Boi said, on another isaland, but there was a video a few days ago from a member of the Bahamas government which showed what appeared to be a raging sea, but it was apparently the airfield as viewed from the terminal, so probably not good up there, not to mention almost all of the island of grand Bahama is still under tropical force winds, and heavy rains, so not much getting in, or out as of now. Grand Bahama was if anything hit harder since the eye stalled out over the island when it was still a cat five. The eye made landfall there more than 48 hours ago, and as I said they still have tropical force winds. Abaco was under many of the same conditions, if not worse, but for a shorter (but still long) period of time. The news here has unfortunately been focused on wether or not it will majorly affect the US coast (which thankfully it looks like they will be spared much of the worst), but the situation if the Bahamas is beyond desperate the storm made landfall in the Bahamas nearly 3 days ago, and when it did so tied for the strongest max sustained winds at landfall, ever in The Atlantic Ocean, and much of the northern Bahamas is still in the thick of it. It will be along time before the Bahamas is back to what it once was. (Sorry for the long awnser @MapleAir221 much of that is a more general response to the topic, but I hope I did awnser you’re question in there…)


It is heartbreaking to see houses destroyed and cities just in ruins. Hopefully the next areas in Dorian’s path do not have any crazy destruction.


The good thing (if you can even call it that) is that since it stalled out over the Bahamas, in fact remaining stationary for several hours, it has weakened, and will most likely be tracking more out to sea. Not to say the US east coast is out of it, but it appears they will be getting much less than the Bahamas…

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I’m worried about the aid that the Bahamas are going to get. It’s not like Puerto Rico which had FEMA to fall back on.


The Bahamas are still part of the British Commonwealth. While they are not under the jurisdiction of the UK Parliament they still hold the Queen as the Monarch of the island. As such they will receive much of their aid funding from the UK.

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What made this worse was that Dorian completely stalled out over the main island. I don’t know if many of you have seen videos of the destruction but Dorian has leveled much of the island and it has certainly changed the geography a bit there. It’s going to take the Bahamas a long time to recover from this. Especially seeing as tourism accounts for 60% of their economy.

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Yep thats correct. The only thing is with that airport closed there is no way an A330 can land without been damaged

Thats unbelievable…

Stay safe everyone!

Huh. I spawned into MYAM right as the hurricane was obliterating the airport. No wonder why I did a complete barrel roll on takeoff and got slapped into the ground in a C-130J in less than two and a half seconds.

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