My YouTube Flight! WMKK - OTHH // Qatar Airways A359

Kuala Lumpur to Hamad

Flight Details:

  • Expert Server
  • Qatar Airways A350-900

Parked at the gates of WMKK

Take off @ WMKK!

Climbing to cruise alt

Cruising high above

Entering Oman’s airspace

Passing Dubai

Inbound @ OTHH

Landing! Who needs a center line?

Taxiing to parking

Parked @ OTHH

Thank you for viewing these photo! I also made a YT video of it! Check it Out!..


Great shots, loved to one of Dubai!

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Nice photos!

Ps - you are getting better with the blurring shots, just make it a tiny bit smaller the you will be all good

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Nice centerline ;)
Great pictures, for more realism do not fly above GCC countries using Qatar Airways as there is currently a blockade against Qatar.
QR is now not allowed to fly above the UAE, Saudi Arabia and more


Ahhh okay thanks!

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Thank you!

Ooooh man that’s sad :( those has awesome sceneries… but thanks for the info!

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Nice pictures!

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Did you pass over Dubai - if so the government will be arresting you for violating airspace restrictions.


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I think these are some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen. Perfect use of the blur, magnificently done.

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Thank you guys! Yes, I nearly got shot down by the Gov of UAE jkjk

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