My YouTube Channel's official Aviation brand logo

Hi everyone!
I hope its okay for me to post here, but I need your opinion on my new official brand for my YouTube channel!

I’ve been thinking of having an actual logo for my channel, and I had a picture of a Mitsubishi MU-2 (N60KC) as my profile picture.
I’ve been experimenting with different airplane icons, but they all did not fit well.

I then saw a logo. It was my profile picture, and so I decided to find the original picture I took last year of the MU-2B, launched Adobe illustrator, and outlined it.
I did have to find a PNG image for the YouTube and Instagram icon.

This was supposed to be a simple logo is all, not complicated.

it didn’t take long, but it came out amazing, better than I expected.

My official YouTube name brand logo (Black on white background)

Original image taken by me when I was spotting at Manchester last year

Your opinion matters to me, and I would like you to tell me what you think about my new logo. Thank you!

Other images

White over Black background


I think I prefer the black logo 🤔 looks cleaner, and I thing there are quite a few white and black logos, and black and white is a nice change! I’m not sure if this is a appropriate for the IFC but another regular can decide

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I really like it! I personally think that the YouTube logo would look better if it was like the Instagram logo, but otherwise amazing job!

Thats why I made both versions.
I am planning on using this to put on shirts and hoodies so I can advertise my channel more when I go spotting and when I fly.

Well, I don’t know either, but maybe a Moderator can decide

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Looks clean.

Tbh I need a new logo. “IA” is getting old.


It’s supposed to be simple and clean, not complicated lol.


Very nice! I like the black logo better personally. I know, I’m dark (jk) 😂

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The black one is meant for like Wallpapers, since white is very bright, while black makes it look nice.

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I like it @Daniel_Cerritos . I am in the process of creating my YouTube channel as well.

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