My YouTube channel

So a lot of people have been doing this (ok, mabey one or two) but here is my channel


It’s a landing vid

That’s cool it’s a great vid what screen recorder do you use and what’s your channel link I’ll subscribe:)

Same question :) are you on Apple?

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What do you use to broadcast your device to a screen recorder or do you use a device based one? I am currently using the trial version of air server to put the screen on my computer to record it, but it has a watermark :/

I used airshou repo. It can be buggy. Thank for all your kind words 😀

great channel!, keep up the great work!

nice one. just keep it up sir. most youtube channels fail in my opinion when they stop uploading. I recommend you avoid not uploading.

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I went through a period like that earlier on in the year but managed to recover

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I recommend posting this in the IFYT topic page. This way it is linked with the rest of IF YouTube content ;)

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