My Youtube channel

I upload IF videos!

My best landing
I’m improving. Can’t land narrow bodies.
I might bring back older series.


I’ll sub for sure. I’m subbed to so many of you guys now.

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Cool channel!

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I think I will as well.

Why’s your channel called Randomize Channel?

IDK, couldn’t think of anything else. Also, the vids on my channel come at random times, so Randomize Channel.

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More Hopper

How are you recording may I ask 🙂

Using AirShou, not the latest one though.

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Han’t finished processing yet. 18 more minutes

I want to have some fun between all these full flights.

Flying with @QantasConcorde

I waited for the hot fix other wise well people can’t use this.

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Soon to be using irec. But AirShou for now.