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Landing at CLT.

Landing at MIA.

Landing at SFO.

Landing at AMS.

Landing at TIJ.

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Turn off the SPD much earlier.
There is no wind in your videos, It can’t be that hard to maintain your final approach speed without the A/P.

You must keep your finger on the throttle and adjust your speed until you touch the ground
In the Luxair video you can clearly see that you turned off the SPD at 275 ft and didn’t touch the throttle anymore. So you were constantly losing speed which led to that pretty hard landing.


I´ll get to add wind.

Do you play IF on an iPad?? If so, can you recommend any good screen recording apps? And I’ll shall subscribe to your channel

Sadly I play on a Samsung (lots of crashes).
There are topics regarding how to record on iPad, check them out and ask if you have any questions.

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I´m uploading a video right now. I hope to upload at least one one video/day.

Air Berlin B737 full flight and landing CGN-FMO.
I swear I followed the F.A.P (3000ft FMO) and the GS to guide myself for the approach.
Its my first, fully edited video. I was able to cut 10 minutes, so now it lasts 24 minutes instead of 34.

Landing an A380 in LCY. Check this thread and contribute for Infinite Humor

Landing at BRU with KLM.

Landing at SAB (Dutch Caribbean) with an FDS A318.

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Can you give a link to your channel please!

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I added the link on the first post. Enjoy and tell me how should I improve!

Link to my channel.

Thanks for posting the link! I like your videos!

Thanks! Though I can´t make my channel grow with IF videos only. I´ll have to look for something else to upload.

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Yeah I subscribed to you great videos. Cheers from Pilot Bulbs :-)

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Highly appreacite what you did! Comment if you see something in which I should improve.

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On the SAB landing video I can’t believe that was how much runway you had left that was skills I don’t have. I’m taking some mental notes on how I could improve.

All it takes is a bit of practice. You just need to idle before the threshold, add the brackes, reversers at 100% and use the rudder brake. It´ll take some time to get it right. Nothing too long.

Ok thanks.

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No problem.