My XCub Turns Into A Propeller

Server: Solo, Airport: KPAO

Yeah, you read that right. No I don’t mean the XCub’s propeller. My entire aircraft literally turned itself into a propeller.

I don’t usually share these kinds of things but this one was too good for me not to…

I was experimenting with 130kts winds at KPAO to try and hover, which resulted in me flipping upside down. All of a sudden a gust kicks me up, and the next thing I know is I’m rotating like I’ve set a fan regulator to maximum.

Enjoy, with sound on for added engine revs as it complains about the wind.



Edit: Maybe next time you can figure out how to make the world a propeller, make it a 3-tier propeller


Hey, that looks like me after having a monster energy drink


Well, now I’m inclined to be convinced that 100LL isn’t the fuel they use in IF.

Haha. I doubt it, but this was definitely a new discovery.

Howwwww it gonna be

Apparently that’s how, lol. I was rather stunned myself.

It smoothed out (relatively) after I collided with the ground and lifted off again though.

Also, please don’t try this on any servers. Only solo.

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Ahahah ofc im not try it on expert server 🤣

I did something similar to this but I made a TBM into a working helicopter. Nice video 😅

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Thanks! Yeah this threw me back to the days of the Super Decathlon hover-fest haha.

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