My world tour

so I have decided to fly a world tour of IF.
I will fly every region and stop at every airport within that region, with a Cessna 172, will keep a record of flight time and distance travelled, will post updates of my progress every now and then,
Will be starting with Sydney region

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That will be a very, very, very, very long flight. Plus, all regions outside of the region you originally spawned in don’t appear. You’ll have to land at Sea level if you wanted to land somewhere in Colorado, for example.

Once I finish one region I’ll spawn into a new one

You will surrender once you arrive in the Chicago region :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

WOW!!..God in Heaven…you really have ALOT of patience…good luck in Florida & Chicago Region just way too many…

Well I work full time and have a family so ur guess is as good as mine, I hope to finish each region within a week or 2 tho,

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i think the small regions can be done in a day for sure like sydney and caribbean