My World Tour | Submit your location recommendations now!

Joining the world tour bandwagon although I’m sticking GA.

Flying the C208 around the world (until the TBM arrives), not as quickly as I can but to see as many places as I can. I’d love to visit every continent from my home airport of Manchester International (EGCC).

I am flying across the North coast of Cornwall at the minute, inbound to Scilly.

Feel free to join me on my journey!

Current Leg: Located at Brest
Callsign: G-MAGS
Aircraft: C208

Previous Legs
  1. Manchester - Isles of Scilly
  2. Isles of Scilly - Jersey
  3. Jersey - Brest
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Live screenshot of my progress and flight plan.


Looks like clear skies and calm winds, perfect day to see Devon and Cornwall, Enjoy!

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Yep, it’s glorious. 11kt headwind but seems this is my only westbound leg it’s not too bad. Will be heading down the South coast of England his afternoon before heading south through Europe throughout the week.

Luckily my vacation starts tomorrow so I have lots of time to do it!

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Literally just saw you! :)

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Yep! I thought you were there purposefully but I guess not haha

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Yeah, sorry lol. Was doing a flight from Scilly to Newquay. Where are you flying later?

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I’ll be heading along the South coast of Cornwall to Devon before heading south to Jersey.

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What time are you doing it?

Not sure yet dude, sat in a hotel at Manchester airport haha

I wish you the best of luck, my home airport is EGCC as well

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I have literally no route planned, nor a time limit so it could take me a while haha


Leg 2 EGHE-EGJJ Departing now, expert server :)

Another great day for it.

Just departed EGJJ heading for Brest, a nice short hop of just over 100nm.

Some nasty 18kt head winds at 3000ft so continuing my climb to find some clearer air.

Do you have any recommendations of where I simply MUST visit in France? I’m looking to head down the west coast before continuing south down the French/Spanish border to visit some locations in the Mediterranean! Send me your recommendations here!!

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