My wireless controller is unusable when landing on a long-haul flight

My wireless controller is unusable when landing on a long-haul flight, though I could use wireless controller completely when taxi and takeoff.

After I noticed that my controller is unusable, I saw the connection status, but my controller was properly connected by Bluetooth, and its battery was plentiful.

So, what should I do to use it completely during flight?
or is it a systematic problem?

I would like readers or experts to answer this question.
Thank you for reading.

Main device : iPad Pro 5th(12.9inch) with latest OS
Controller : Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
App Status : 24.1.1(latest)

Note* I am sorry to force you to read my poor English sentence as I am Japanese.

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I also face the same problem with my Xbox controller when flying with controller, it turns off after a bit if it doesn’t detect any activity or if nothing is pressed, and even when you turn it back on if you’re in a flight it won’t register any input. What I recommend is having a button or trigger (like the thumbstick or pedal/trigger things on the back) that isn’t mapped to any function, and then putting a toothpick or something to press that button or trigger down so it detects that it’s being used and then doesn’t turn off. Here’s a tutorial on how to do this: (I haven’t tried this, but it seems like it would work)


Hi! Welcome back:)

Is it like the little delays you want to say here or that it can’t be used directly?


I want to say that my controller’s input is not detected when landing, but there is no delay when it is detected.


I got it. I sent you a forum link that doesn’t exactly match your problem via DM, if it helps you, feel free to share it here.

I hope it’s have a simple solution and someone tells us this as soon as possible:)


Known issue.