My weird flight

Today I began a flight from Paris to Los Angeles, and halfway through my stepmom tell me we are going to a movie in an hour. I still had 5 hours it go. At first I thought that I could hold a pattern around KLAX, but I did not want the controller to think that I was ignoring them, and ghost me. Then I came up with a story.

One of the passengers aboard my flight had a heart attack, and we had to divert ASAP. I ended up diverting to the closest airport that I could land at, and that happened to be Churchill, Canada.

So yeah, I landed and the medical staff and ambulances met me at the apron, and the guy is now recovering in the hospital. All the other passengers were rebooked to their final destination, and I had another flight from L.A. later tonight, so I got on with the passengers. Happy ending. And now I get to see Lion King.



Hahaha great story , hope you enjoyed Lion King :D

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I am actually leaving soon. Just landed with 25 minutes to spare.

The lion sleeps tonight starts to play

Hope he’s okay!

Mr. Alesandro is in the Churchill Hospital recovering.

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Glad to hear that, enjoy the lion king!

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Good story, but if it was on training server, you can’t get ghosted and on expert if they see you doing circles above FL240 they won’t say anything:) may be even lower so:)

Expert Server

If you were at your cruise, they wouldn’t ghost you:) I saw someone do probably 50 circles at their cruise:)

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You won’t be on-guarded by tower over 10,000 and over 18,000 if there’s approach.


Just being safe. And I don’t know whether or not I should put it in my logbook. :)

It’s in your log book from the moment you start, till the moment you end your flight, unless you’re talking about a personal log book, and in that case yes you should:)

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Yeah, personal. I will put in the notes the story. I also typed an (incident report) to put in my binder.

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You should really look at joining a Va:) If you want recommendations PM me:)

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I am trying to start one at the moment.

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Haha it’s always fun hearing these here and there. Hope you enjoyed the Lion King. it was pretty good in my opinion

(Going to) Lion King. I really hope its good.


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