My week of spotting at KPDX

Last week I spent a week at the Portland Airport for Christmas! Along with that I also tested out my
new camera going spotting with @Creynolds and the rest of my family.
The first picture is a Sun Country Airlines 737-800 taking off from runway 10L
Aircraft type: 737-8BK
Registration: N808SY
Destonation: San Francisco KSFO
Date of picture: Dec 26th

The next picure is one of my favorites a Delta MD-88 taxing out to runway 10R on a charter flight to KDEN
Aircraft type:MD-88
Registration: N912DL
Destonation: Denver KDEN
Date of picture:24th

Here is a picture of the MD 88 departing PDX off to Denver

The third picture is a close up of a Delta 737 awaiting it’s gate at concouse D
Aircraft type: 737-932ER
Registration: N817DN
Origin: Atlanta KATL
Date of picture:26th

Next I will show you one of my favorate liveries that Alaska Airlines has to offer I was lucky enougth to see this plane three times during my stay at PDX
Aircraft type:737-890
Registration: N559AS
Destontaion: San Deigo KSAN
Date of picture:26th

While I was waiting for Salmon thirty Salmon to takoff this Reach Medeical Helicopter flew over me and landed at the somewhere at the FBO
Aircraft type: Eurocopter 135
Registation: N323RX
Origin: McMinnville OR KMMV

I also saw a lot of State College liveries including Montana State University, Washington State University and many others but the one that I liked the most was the University of Fairbanks livery
Aircraft type: Q400
Registration: N441QX
Destonation: Seattle KSEA
Date of picture: Dec 26th

The next picture I will be a Beechcraft 350
Aircraft type: B350
Registation: N291DB
Destionation: N/A

The next picture is of plane that I have always wanted to see
More to Love luckly
I got a picture of it before my camera died

Aircraft type: 737-990ER
Registation: N943AS
Destonation: Austin KAUS
The last picture that I want to show you is a picture of an Alaska Airlines 737-800 asending past a very well known mountain in Oregon The person who guesses the name of the moutain gets a 🍪

Aircraft type: 737-890
Registration: N548AS
Destonation: Seattle KSEA
Thank you for looking at all of my pictures but before you go please cast a vote to see which picture you like the most!

  • Sun Country 737-800
  • Delta MD-88
  • DL MD-88 takeoff
  • Delta 737-900
  • Alaska Airlines University of Fairbanks
  • Alaska Airlines Salmon thirty Salmon
  • Beechcraft 350 N291DB
  • Alaska Airlines 737-900 More to Love
  • Alaska Airlines 737-800

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Mt. Hood.

Boy, that’d be embarrassing if I got that wrong

Nice pics!

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What kinda camera u get for Christmas (assuming)

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I still don’t really know what kind of camera it is but I might find out soon

Is it a Canon?

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Very nice pics! I edited these:


Some pretty awesome pictures there. Especially the Mount Hood shot. Well done!

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Yes it is a Canon

That is a very beautiful edit @Altaria55


Thank you the Mt Hood picture is also one of my favorites


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