My weather doesn't change.

Hi dear Infinite Flight developers.I’m using Galaxy Note 8 Exynos version. I don’t subscribed pro version because I don’t have time to play a lot. My problem is when I change visibility or temperature at weather tab, it doesn’t change.
For example, I 've set visibility to mimimum, but in game visibility is still 35km(default). Should I subscribe Pro to change this?
P.s. I re-installed app, but it was same


Can you send an example or video of this?

I get what you are saying but if you already reinstalled this shouldn’t be a problem.

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I don’t think that’s what he’s saying. I think he’s talking about the solo mode weather controls not doing anything

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Lets give the OP time to respond.

he’s talking about the solo mode weather controls not doing anything

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I am not able to recreate the weather issue in solo.

  • Restart IF
  • Reboot your device
  • If it still happens, uninstall and reinstall infinite flight.

This shouldn’t have anything to do with a Pro subscription, but it might not work because of a small amount of RAM?

I have this same issue, in solo, ever since the global update. I can change the wind but not the visibility or temperature. I have tried reinstalling the app. iPhone X

Had this issue, one day it decided to work.

i get this sometimes but it’s typically just my wifi or ipad since it’s a little old

This happens for Solo mode. I have no clue why.

This issue is related to certain graphics settings. Try playing around with the graphics settings. If I remember correctly all high settings resulted in this phenomenon.

Old topic I know, but it obviously want answered.

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