My way of a new IF livery

“Infinite Flight” or the logo on the belly just like TK or DL do it would be nice!

@Ryan_Vince you’ve got some competition! 😜

Not even kidding these liveries you guys make up are awesome (I prefer them to the current ones but shhh)


At least someone likes my skills 😊


I drew my livery, but the plane is a template

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I think a combination of all 3 would work. @Belfast_spotter 's tail section and engine color scheme with @Jan_Polet 's logo placement and @JFKPlaneSpotter101’s flowing line on the bottom and it’ll look awesome.

Try mixing up the engine with some other colour. ;)

The logo colors are black, white and orange.

I know…i meant with black or white rather than full orange…but thats just IMO

You should have just left it that way.I see your point now

This looks really good. What do you draw this on?

Adobe Illustrator!

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@jarno80 check it out!

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@JFKPlaneSpotter101 @Jan_Polet @Belfast_spotter Sorry guys but I don’t like those planes taking off vertically (on the tail) :D

This one looks awesome.

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you should try to do this on the 787 and 747



If this livery is added, it will likely be on the B787

Inside info or a wild guess? ;)

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Just a guess :)