My violations aren’t going away after a week

I have noticed that it’s been a while since my violations have gone away and realized that I haven’t earned a villain since the 18th and I still have the violations

Try restarting your device. That can usually offer a quick fix.

Try flying on training server and then try expert again. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the app and you’ll be fine

I have tried this but will try again

I can’t fly on expert

Try doing what @MancYank24 said. Try a flight on casual that earns XP.

I’m trying to upload the video of me going through my flight log for proof but can’t upload

No point in reinstalling the app for this.

@Captain_Christian - please refer to your logbook and check when your last violations occured. Or reply with your latest known callsign & display name and I’ll check.

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I have tried that and it didn’t work

I have and my username is Christian and FedEx 1902

My point being that you do a flight in casual and hen try to log on expert. Sorry it didn’t read that way. Good luck

also i have an invisible violation that isnt coming up in the logbook but thats a different issue

No point in anyone doing anything :)

There’s nothing wrong:



i dont see those violations

those arnt showing up in my log book

Can you reply with a screenshot of your logbook from that date?


That’s an issue we will need to look at for sure. It should be visible there…
You should be back to Grade 3 in 6 hours if my math isn’t nuts. And the 3 others should be gone in 24hrs.


okay thanks for your great help unlike the help i have been given in the past