My very greatest quest! Every Southwest Airlines flight ever created I am gonna do!

Today I have made a good decision that am am gonna do every single Southwest Airlines flight ever created! It will be tough, hard working and fun! Also you tag along on some of my flights if you want! Ok, let’s get started with number one, KLAX - KSFO, tonight at, 5:30, all the flights are gonna be on training server so people can tag along and do ATC! See you there!


Sounds great! However #meta is for forum related things - I would put this in #live, or potentially #live:groupflights.

However, if you want to make a group flight in #live:groupflights please make sure to follow the correct format.

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It is no group flight. It is just when I am flying, people can tag along!

Ok then #live is probably the most appropriate category.

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Sounds fun! What time zone are you in?

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Good luck and have fun! Have you a rough number of how many routes Southwest has?

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EST Time Zone

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100 - 200 maybe?

That challenge must be hard, but I wish you good luck! :)

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Thanks, and if anyone of you want to come on my first flight, I will be so happy!

20 min to spawn everyone!

If you are joining me in 10 min, please have the Southwest heart livery on the B738. Please spawn at terminal 6 and 7 and copy my flight plan. We will pushback at 8:50. Thank you very much if you join! It will mean so much to me!

Considering Southwest has over 100 destinations, with many routes from each, I wish you good luck…

Thank you, are you gonna be joining my first flight?

If you are joining me, please start spawning in!

Good luck!

Sounds like fun! It will be challenging though, good luck!

Virtual airline Opportunity

If I may offer an opportunity, It sounds like you’d enjoy joining @SouthwestVirtual, they are a virtual airline and although I’m not in it myself, I know there are great people running it! If you’re interested, I recommend reading their virtual airline thread to see if it’s right for you! Virtual airlines are always a great way to meet new people and find new destinations in infinite flight. I highly recommend you join one if you’d haven’t already ! Southwest virtual airlines


I applied but failed

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I have created the flight plan. We will pushback in 15 min. Please start spawning

Pushback in 5 minutes