My very first Screenshots topic!

Hello IFC welcome to my first Screenshots topic!


Flight time: 52 minutes
Airbus A320
Sever: Expert
Frontier Flight.

At the gate with a SW 737-800, @StinkenAL1

Taxiing to runway 26R with the same plane

Ready to takeoff while the same SW plane holds short

And liftoff!

Climbing while making a turn over mountains

Cruising at 30,000 FT. Or descending I think.

Very close to the mountains while entering the Utah valley.

On final with the beautiful mountains in the background.

Touching down with strong winds and turbulence. Trust me, it wasn’t butter.

At a Delta gate because I can. And another SW plane across from me.
What was your favorite?

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Hope you enjoy!


I think that the old Frontier liveries are pretty underrated, nice shots!

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Great shots!

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The SW 787-800 was me, KLAS - KLAX. 🤘

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Thank you!

Thank you @flying_infinitely !

I saw you! Hope you had a nice flight!

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Congratulations on your first screenshot topic!! I hope to see many more 😊

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Nice topic for your first time!

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great photos love them!!!

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Fantastic Shots!

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Thank you @Joseph_Miller6, @captain_trooper, @JGordon, and @BlueThunder08 !

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You’re welcome!!

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