My very best of infinite flight

I have been playing around with taking screenshots in Infinite flight and I have found some of my best to share with you

I have been playing around with taking screenshots in Infinite flight and I have found some of my best to share with you!


Flights were done on Casual and expert for normal routes and casual for formation flying

Flight 1 details

Flight one was down from Dublin Ireland into London’s Heathrow Airport flight time was 1:18 when I landed and taxied to the gate I got this amazing shot

Flight 2 details

Now this flight was a bit different it was me @Munir_Siddiqui formation flying with his favourite airline Etihad the flight lasted 20 minutes and was done on the CASUAL server

Shot 3 details

This shot was an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER departing Miami Florida for San Francisco

Flight 4 details

This flight was a very new route to me and I loved it the route was Dubai to Kabul in FlyDubai’s Boeing 737-800 flight time was 2 hours

Shot 5 details

This was a shot of a British Airways Boeing 787 lining up on Runway 9R at London’s Heathrow Airport to depart to Miami international airport

Shot 6 details

This was the same Boeing 787 that was in the previous photo departing Heathrow with a crowd of very different airlines watching

Shot 7 details

I caught this Air Canada Boeing 777 overhead at Heathrow heading to Toronto Pearson International

Shot 8 details

A British Airways Boeing 757 coming into Miami International from New York just a few seconds from touchdown

9th shot details

Another formation flight! This time me and @Munir_Siddiqui were flying British Airways Boeing 757 and 747 the queen and the pencil some might say! This flight was done on casual and lasted around 1 hour

10th and last shot of the day!

I wanted to save this for last because I love this shot so much! It is a flight from Keflavik airport Iceland to London Heathrow international airport with a flight time of 3 hours this was a great flight!

That is it for today! Hope you enjoyed it I will hopefully be back with a few more shots tomorrow of today’s FNF hub Qatar!


I love the first shot.

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It is a great shot! Thank you

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Awesome! 😍

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Some really nice pics congrats

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Thank you!

Great shots Ruan! 😁

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Thank you @Hardlanding_Hussain ;)

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Love pic 9! The old and the new! 😍

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Thank you! Yea I wanted to show the old and the new so I guess that worked out lol

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Well that’s a huge evolution in just 6 years

it is isn’t it!

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WOW!!! Image one is outstanding

Thank you!!

Awesome screenshots! I love the 6th Shot

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Thank you!

The last one, was amazing 🤩

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Thank you it is an amazing livery!