My Vacation Grades

Hello, I come to tell you that tomorrow I’m going on a trip and I will be absent from the community until the end of January, but unfortunately I will be inactive from Infinite Flight due to internet connection and I wanted to know what will happen to my earned scores?

If it decreases I’ll see what to do during my trip but then I’ll make up for it with effort.

I really appreciate so much for support and help you have given me.

See you in February! ❤

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Hi, I really doubt anything will change, the only thing I see changing is your landing and hours in the past 90 days, but that’s not really going to impact anything. Have fun with your vacation :)

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Vacation is about maximizing your real-world XP. Go do that. Don’t worry about Infinite Flight–it’ll be fine.



So we’re talking, 15 days? Most likely you won’t drop a grade.

Your XP, total flight time, and total landings will not be altered. Your flight time and landings in the last 90 days will decrease slowly as the days go by, but judging by what you currently have, it’s unlikely you will drop to grade 3.

Check out this chart for the requirements by grade:

Don’t worry about your grade, go have fun on your vacation! :)


Thank You! 😉👍🏻

Your XP will be fine. Enjoy your vacation

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