My VA callsign


I am flying on the BETA version of Infinite Flight for my virtual airline but can’t use my VA callsign, how do i use my VA callsign?

You can’t use old VA callsigns, you’ll have to consult with your VAs. Or download the RTM version (But then lose new features)

VAs will have differentiated responses to the new callsign system. It’s best that you check your respective VA’s announcement channel to see if they’ve made a statement on how you should continue about utilizing callsigns when flying for them, and if they haven’t, feel free to contact staff, I’m sure they’ll help or notify others that a statement should be made on it.

Some VAs that I know have decided to do their respective callsign, followed by your previously assigned number, then VA at the end. For example, if I was CAVA004 at Air China Virtual Airlines, my callsign would now be Air China 004VA, most are also requiring that you update your VA in your profile as well, so keep that in mind.


VA Callsigns will have to be set via your IFC profile preferences. There will be a drop down called “Virtual Organization”. Find the one of the approved VA’s in that list, select and save. On your next session, the VA name will appear as something like “[IFATC] United 123” or “[DLVA] Delta 987”

VA Callsigns cannot be set up in app as they will be done here.