My Updated Collection

  • Schabak Malév Hungarian Airlines 738 1:600
  • Official Cathay Pacific 77W New Livery 1:500
  • ppcholland KLM 744 New Livery 1:250
  • Premier Planes Finnair A359 1:250
  • Socatec Air France A388 1:250
  • Official Qatar Airways A388 1:200

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Is there a website your dad bought the Finnair and Cathay ones?

Finnair is Premier Planes but he got it on board

The Cathay and many more of them at

I take my hat off to the man who made the nose gear for the Malev B738.


It’s a cheap model (due to its size) but nice quality and livery :)

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It’s simply brilliant. Reminds me of the toy planes I got when I was a toddler.

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Lol, like Daron Realtoy

The Malev is a Schabak, right? 1:600?

Yes, it is