My Type of Landing Shots

When doing each topic about pictures I personally love to picture of when I’m on final when I usually do this type which is my favorite along with the cockpit ones during fog

All Flights in Expert

KLM 737-900ER

Ryanair 737-800

Skywest CRJ-700

Envoy E175

Alaska 737-900ER

Flydubai 737-800

American A321-200

Anyway that’s all for today I hope you like these shots


wow, great pictures. The angles are perfect!

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Great pics! 🤩

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I was originally gonna add more but I had to delete all my replays to get more space in the game

Is this a FlightReacts reference 😂


Don’t know who this guy is but idk might search him up later lol

Oh, well the joke is that he always says “this is my typa _____” so people meme him all the time

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Oh yea I see one of those popular meme compilations

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Look at @GameBoy_KIRB man, so inspirational



Thanks a lot guys I appreciate it