My trip to Washington DC

MaxSez: Lived and worked in DC for ten years, My oldest boy lives and works in Manhattan, visit often Know both cities well. Am sure the school has a great & interesting agenda planned. A trip of a lifetime, your very fortunate.

(A word to the wise, leave your valuables locked up in the hotel, ID/Credit Card and a few bucks in the front pants pocket and don’t venture out alone.)


Thanks Max! 😀

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Have fun Ryan!

Swing by for a 🍻 I mean Rootbeer Have a fun trip , suppose to be great weather this week here.


Have fun man! I went there this past summer for school as well, and I feel in love with the river visual into DCA’s runway 19. I loved everything about that trip, and I wanna visit DC again in the future!

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I’m back! Here’s a couple of pics from around DC

(sorry for low quality)


Did you ride Metro?

@GolferRyan… Great Pic’s, fond memories! Thanks for sharing! Regards, Max

I remember seeing the exhibit about the Wright brothers. Got a picture just like the one you have about the Wright Flyer. Too bad it was accidentally deleted ☹️

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