My trip to Washington DC

Hey everyone,

On Sunday October 16, I will be flying from KDEN to KIAD on Southwest flight 3401, and returning from KLGA to KDEN on Friday October 21 on Southwest 2203 in case you would like to track my flights.

I’m so excited to be taking this trip with my school. Any recommendations on things to do and see in DC and New York?


My sister went to Washington and New York with school, visit the White House and all the Government buildings and visit Times Square. Have Fun and be Safe!


Definitely get tickets to the Empire State Building, or the One World Observatory. You should also visit some of the museums (museum of natural history is my favorite), see a play (I recommend The Lion King), and maybe do some spotting at JFK. There are also a couple of air museums out on Long Island, one being the Cradle of Aviation, out in a suburban town called Garden City, another being the American Airpower museum, located at Republic airport, where Republic Aircraft built the P-47 Thunderbolt.

Enjoy your time in the city that never sleeps, and be sure to get a picture of the Qatar A350 ;)


Be sure to watch the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. It is amazing to be there in person.


Dang, what school do you guys go to that does that? LOL but seriously in NY you have to visit One World Trade Center, Im sure you will but I feel it is very important for the everyone to see.

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Have a safe trip!

Thanks for some info. We already got our tickets going to the Empire State Building and One World Observatory. 😀 Doubt we’ll have a chance to go to those air museums though. We’re going to the National Air and Space Museum in DC.


Our school is participating in a wreath laying ceremony there. They randomly selected 4 students to do the honors.

Wish you could. The American Airpower museum offers private 1 hour flights for between $200-$500. While the B-17 was around here, it was $500 to go up in it.

The Airpower Museum also has an A-10, a C-47 (flying condition), and a B-25, among other things.


I’ve always wanted to travel to DC but I never got the chance to. I hope you enjoy your trip! :)

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Nobody ever replies lol.

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I live in that area, check out the subway (which is very a 70s modernist railway if that’s your thing BTW listen for the computer voice that says {ding-dong, ding-dong STEP BACK DOORS CLOSING! Check out gravvally point, a place right under the approach to KDCA runway 17. Air & space museum (has nose of NWA 747 & AA DC7, Bell X1, The Starship Enterprise, etc.) & Udvar Hazi annex (Dash 80, Shuttle Discovery, Concorde, B307, Falcon 20 & Blackbird, aswell as many other cool planes) HAVE FUN!!

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In NY, I’ve heard the Intrepid is pretty neat.

Yes definetly go to the intrepid

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I’ve been to Washington DC many times it’s a wonderful city. One thing I would do is go to the top of the Washington monument and look at the south view, you can see KDCA and watch aircraft takeoff/land from above. It’s pretty neat

I live in d.c. if you have the chance, definitely visit the air and space mueseum in Dulles. It’s awesome. Had the Concord and Shuttle Discovery. Also, make sure to visit the Holocaust mueseum. It’s depressing but it’s worth it. Changing of the guard at Arlington cemetery. American history mueseum. Go down to the Wharf in D.C, awesome food. And if you have the time, visit old town Alexandria and the Waterfront. Again awesome food and a really cool veiw. The torpedo factory is also there. Gravely Point park is right at the end of the Runway for KDCA in Alexandria, like 200 feet away. Awesome shots of the river visual approach. Pm me if you need other suggestions


Try to spot at DCA I would highly recommend it

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I live in nyc and see empire sate freedom tower also try Chinatown amazing food and pizza also see a Islanders hockey game

also spot at JFK since LGA only has limited verity of aircraft

Arlington National Cemetery! My grandfather is buried there, and I went last September for the ceremony. The changing of the guard is a must-see!