My Trip To Seattle, Washington!

Hey, guys! I am currently preparing to go to Seattle, Washington, and I need to know what to bring and what to look at!

Any suggestion would be helpful and I’d appreciate you for it!



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Off topic but I will be there in the end of June for an aviation meetup! Best of luck and will be watching this closely

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The museum of flight and the future of flight is a must for all avgeeks.

Another choice will be the road under 34R, sometimes the landings look really good(S 188th street)


@N1RG, Thanks! I’ll be going there in June also! 😄

@Matthew_Chan, Good advice! I’m staying at a hotel nearby, so I’ll try to go to 34R!

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So here’s what I have so far as of attractions:

  • Space Needle
  • Boeing Field
  • S 188th Street (KSEA 34R)

I only have three days, so enough of that, what should I bring on the flights and stay?

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Boeing flight museum

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You have got to be kidding me…

I already said I can’t do any more attractions because I only have three days. 😑

Doesn’t take a whole day to visit the Space Needle. Are you staying in downtown Seattle ?

Sorry… misread your above post

I’m staying at the SEATAC Doubletree.

Non aviation related, but the wheel and the aquarium are really good

Try hiking. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful. Crater Lake is a good idea.

Crater lake is also south of Portland, so it’s a several hour drive. I’d recommend Mount Rainer, Baker, or the Olympic Peninsula

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Worth it, though. I agree, the drive is a bit much.

Okay, everyone, enough attractions, please, I need to know what to take on my trip!

This seems a little impossible to answer from an aviation community standpoint. If looking for items like toothbrush, deodorant, and socks I think this topic is a bit misplaced…

Plenty of attractions and things vaguely related to IFC have been suggested. I recommend Google for the other basic trip essentials. Good luck!