My trip to Europe 2018

Hey guys, this my next big trip tracking thread. I’m writing this from the car parking place right now. I will be flying Air New Zealand (NZ2) on a B777-300ER from Los Angeles to London. From there I will be flying British Airways from London to Rome. I will be on a cruise for a week when I am in the Mediterranean. I will post pictures, and feel free to ask me questions!


Do you have a window seat?

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Yes, I do I am am also using ANZ’s SkyCouch, which means the three seats my sister and sisters are using turn into a bed.


Please share photos of that, very interesting concept!

Hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday also.



Every airline should have this… on every seat… on every plane.


Where’s the seatbelt for the skycouch


Looks like the seatbelt attaches to both of the seats according to the Air NZ ad


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Unfortunately, when we get seats like that some airlines doesn’t like it when people sleep that way, it depends on what airline tho.

No, the airline advertises this as an official seat. So you can buy it, look at there website.

It depends on what ailrine, some airlines as said above.

Ok, my flight boards I’m in an hour, so what should I do in the terminal?

Planespot if you can

I saw an Aeroflot B777-300ER at a gate and saw an Emirates A380 land.

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image image image image image image image image


Cool! So is Air New Zealand subbing for a us based or European airline since it is doing a route that isn’t for New Zealand?

Air New Zealand has always done this route. It is suppose to be NZAA-KLAX-EGLL. So basically Auckland to London. Just a stopover in Los Angeles. And no, they are not.

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Safe flight. Should be a good one

I actually saw that air Tahiti A340 I’ll try and find the photo of it

Oh sorry. I thought you meant from Los Angeles and not starting at Auckland.

Am boarded now, awaiting the safety announcement and all that gud stuff.