My Trip to Daytona Beach via ATL

Hey everyone!
So very recently I traveled to beautiful Daytona Beach Florida to visit the gorgeous Embry-Riddle Campus. During my flights I took a couple pictures with my phone from my seat.
These first couple are kind of similar but I still like them:
This first one was taken on Monday flying south over Pennsylvania after some snow had fallen

This second one was while returning home on Wednesday above the clouds ⛅️

This was also on the return flight, the sunset from 39,000ft was amazing 😍

And lastly, this photo was taken at Atlanta— an Md90 can be seen landing from Birmingham, and a Southwest 737 pulling in from Dallas Love Field.

@Joseph007 here is the Delta A220!
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I hope you like these pictures! Like I said, they’re not the most exciting but I really like sharing photos :)


Wow, nice photos, keep it up!


Too bad it wasn’t a Delta A220! Great trip report!


Nice photos, what are your exact thought on Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach campus(if they are really long, feel free to PM me). I have been accepted to Embry-Riddle class of 2023 for the Aeronautical Science program.


I can add a picture of the 220 if you’d like, there were a bunch of them on crew training flights pulling into the gates at my terminal

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That’d be cool if you would! But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Wonder if @Pilothodge80 was in the left seat.

Could have been. 😏 Thanks for flying Delta.

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Did you enjoy the Embry Riddle campus? I would love to attend there when I can go to college

How did you get accepted so early?

It’s called I applied so early, and they have rolling admissions

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Ok, what year do you start college? This summer/fall?

Fall semester of 2019, IF I go there

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Ok! I hope you do, ive heard nothing but great things about them

Yes I did. It’s a gorgeous campus

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So glad to here, that makes me want to go there even more!


@Joseph_Spinner how was embry riddle When I go to college thats where I want to go.

⬆️⬆️⬆️, he just said it’s a gorgeous campus


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