My trip spotting

Saw some cool planes at San Antonio

First of many illl see


Nice photo!

Very nice photo!

Hello, great photos? These are in Screenshots and Videos, which is the category for IF photos: these are so good, I think they might be real: make sure to post in Spotting next time!


I changed it guys my flight I delayed bc of the weather in Florida arrived from ksat to Khou

Iā€™m very sorry to hear that. But hopefully the plane will touchdown soon

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151 departure time

A surprise pulled up and Gulf of Mexico


Amazing photos!

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If you know the AAR at OKC I got to tour that and went inside a remodeled Alaska Max 8 and got to see a brand new Max 8 for AS. And a bugged B739 for Alaska inside the cockpit and cabin.

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Very cool šŸ‘Œ